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Common Questions
If you got a problem
yo we'll solve it
We need to revamp our Shopify site. Can you help with that?

You know it. We're a certified Shopify Expert agency which means we can help with building a new site, fixing an old one, building custom apps and helping with on-going maintenance and updates to keep you up-to-date

Our ads are not working great, Can you help?

We would love to help get your ads back on track. Let's start by auditing where you're at and find what's working and where you're falling short. From there we can craft a plan to help get your ads back on a path to profitability.

We are trying to scale revenue but are stuck. Can you help?

Absolutely. We'll start by digging into what's going on with your site analytics, shopping behavior metrics, ads, and email to get an idea of where you may be struggling. From there we can craft a plan of attack to help you start to scale profitably.

We can't afford to build a marketing team but need help.

This is our sweet spot. Our team is great at filling in the missing pieces of in-house teams. We can assist or lead out in any capacity to help your company have the full impact of a large team of specialists instead of relying on someone to wear all the hats.

What makes GDWN different from other agencies?

There are a lot of great agencies and a few not so good ones. We try to be good humans with a desire to give more than we recieve. We treat each project as if it were our own and really try to make you feel like we're in the office next door. No hoops, red tape, drama or politics. Just good old fashioned hard work.

Are you guys expensive to work with?

Our pricing depends on the specific services and scope of work required for your project. We offer flexible options to accommodate various budgets. Quality and value are our priorities. Let's discuss your needs, and we'll provide a transparent quote that aligns with your goals and expectations.