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"We.Win.With.GDWN! They are our go-to agency for quickly reaching our customers. Through our partnership we deliver high-impact, high-touch tools to our global sales team and customers – from all things digital to print, GDWN is always on point, on budget, and on time. We love them!"
Rick Maddox, Marketing Pro

About the brand

Adobe, a global leader in software and digital solutions, continues to shape the way we create, share, and experience content in the digital age. With a diverse portfolio of innovative products, Adobe empowers individuals and organizations to bring their creative visions to life, from graphic design to video editing, web development, and more. Adobe's commitment to excellence in design, technology, and customer experience has solidified its position as an industry giant, with a lasting impact on the creative and digital landscapes.

About our work together

GDWN plays a pivotal role in assisting Adobe's internal marketing and sales teams in creating a wide range of content to support their diverse efforts. This partnership goes beyond typical support, encompassing custom design work, print materials, sales and pitch decks, sales playbooks, and the development of a website for Adobe's renowned Analytics Challenge. GDWN's expertise in design and content creation elevates Adobe's marketing collateral, enabling them to convey their value proposition effectively and captivate their audience. This synergy extends to customer support, enhancing the resources available to assist Adobe users and foster satisfaction.

Additionally, GDWN's collaboration aids Adobe's sales teams by equipping them with polished sales playbooks and impactful pitch decks, enabling them to articulate Adobe's offerings with precision and persuasion. The development of a dedicated website for the Analytics Challenge highlights GDWN's capability to create user-friendly digital platforms that engage participants and facilitate event management. In essence, GDWN's contributions empower Adobe's internal teams to strengthen their brand image, streamline marketing, enhance customer support, and bolster sales efforts, further solidifying Adobe's position as a tech titan in the digital space.

"Our Analytics Challenge website is really difficult to manage and update. The overall experience is not reflective of our brand. Can you help?"

GDWN played a pivotal role in transforming the website experience for Adobe's Analytics Challenge, providing greater flexibility for the admin teams, increasing signups, and enhancing communication with participants throughout the challenge. By collaborating closely with Adobe, GDWN reimagined the website from the ground up, tailoring it to meet the specific needs and objectives of the Analytics Challenge. The result was a fully customized website, meticulously designed and developed to Adobe's exact specifications.

The enhanced website design not only showcased a modern and user-friendly interface but also featured improved functionality for Adobe's admin teams. GDWN's approach ensured that Adobe's internal teams could easily manage and update content, making it more agile and responsive to evolving needs. This flexibility empowered Adobe to adapt the website to changing circumstances and make real-time adjustments as required, thus enhancing their ability to respond to user needs and feedback.

Moreover, GDWN's redesign focused on improving the user experience for participants. The streamlined signup process attracted a higher number of participants, expanding the reach and impact of the Analytics Challenge. GDWN also implemented effective communication features, enabling participants to stay informed throughout the competition. The revitalized website became a hub for engaging and interactive content, enriching the experience for all involved. In essence, GDWN's expertise not only elevated the website but also ensured that Adobe's Analytics Challenge became more accessible, engaging, and responsive to the needs of both administrators and participants, ultimately fostering a more successful and inclusive event.

"We need help designing a use case deck for the Adobe Experience Cloud to empower our teams."

GDWN's collaboration with Adobe extended to empowering their internal Account Executives and Customer Experience teams through the creation of a compelling use case deck for the Adobe Experience Cloud. This endeavor aimed to equip Adobe's sales and customer engagement professionals with a powerful tool that could effectively communicate the value and capabilities of the Adobe Experience Cloud to potential clients. GDWN's expertise in design and content creation proved instrumental in crafting a presentation that resonated with its audience.

The collateral we created for Adobe was meticulously designed to convey the key features and benefits of the Adobe Experience Cloud in a visually engaging and persuasive manner. Our designers skillfully incorporated Adobe's brand elements while infusing the deck with a fresh and captivating aesthetic. The content was structured to provide a clear narrative, guiding Account Executives and Customer Experience teams through the complex offerings of the Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling them to articulate its value proposition to clients more effectively.

By working closely with GDWN, Adobe not only enhanced the quality of their collateral but also ensured that their internal teams had a powerful tool at their disposal. This use case deck became a vital resource, enabling Account Executives and Customer Experience teams to present the Adobe Experience Cloud with confidence and clarity, ultimately contributing to the success and adoption of this transformative solution among Adobe's clients.

"We need help creating a presentation for Adobe Summit that showcases our Customer Experience Management solution."

GDWN played a pivotal role in assisting Adobe in crafting a compelling and impactful presentation for the Adobe Summit, where they aimed to present a comprehensive customer experience management solution powered by the Adobe Experience Cloud. This presentation represented a critical opportunity for Adobe to showcase their cutting-edge technology and expertise in enhancing customer experiences to a global audience of industry professionals and potential clients.

GDWN's contribution to this presentation was invaluable. Leveraging their proficiency in content creation and visual design, they collaborated closely with Adobe to craft a narrative that effectively communicated the capabilities and benefits of the Adobe Experience Cloud in the context of customer experience management. The resulting presentation was not only visually stunning but also structured to deliver a clear and persuasive message. It engaged the audience by illustrating how the Adobe Experience Cloud could transform and elevate customer experiences, making it an indispensable solution for businesses seeking to excel in this critical aspect of their operations.

GDWN's support in creating this presentation not only enhanced Adobe's ability to captivate their audience at the Adobe Summit but also underscored their position as a leader in the realm of customer experience management solutions. By delivering a compelling and informative message, the presentation showcased Adobe's commitment to innovation and excellence, leaving a lasting impact on summit attendees and reinforcing the value of the Adobe Experience Cloud in today's competitive business landscape.

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