Made By Mary increases sales 400% through strategic marketing campaigns and new Shopify store
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"GDWN has worked with us for years. They have helped us grow and evolve when it mattered most, with their help we've been able to improve our site and drive growth year over year."
Mary Moody, CEO and Founder

From grit to gold

Made By Mary has evolved from a one-woman passion project into a team comprising artisans, designers, and customer service specialists. However, the essence of handcraftsmanship remains integral to their work. Each bar is meticulously hand-cut, every letter is stamped one by one, and the process includes filing, polishing, and careful hand-cleaning. Each piece is thoughtfully packaged, all the while recognizing that they are crafting something precious. Made By Mary is dedicated to assisting customers in sharing their beautiful stories.


Made By Mary and GDWN's collaboration began in 2019 in response to their growing pains, seeking assistance in managing their expanding brand. We stepped in as a strategic partner, providing a comprehensive suite of services encompassing email, Facebook ads, custom Shopify development, and overall website strategy. Through this dynamic partnership, GDWN has played a crucial role in helping Made By Mary tackle the challenges that often accompany rapid brand growth. By offering expert guidance and innovative solutions, GDWN has not only enabled Made By Mary to continue on in their growth journey, but has also ensured they stay at the forefront of technology, positioning the brand for sustained success in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Over the years GDWN has served as a flexible solution to Made By Mary's evolving needs. We've helped implement dynamic flows and a comprehensive email strategy, roll out social ads and scale. Our team has designed and built multiple iterations of the website to help keep Made By Mary ahead of the curve as copycat brands have unsuccessfully tried to mimic what they are doing online. The authenticity and quality of product has helped Made By Mary become one of the most loved and trusted jewelry brands online.

"We're growing fast and need a partner that can help us in a lot of areas so that we can keep scaling."

GDWN played a pivotal role in establishing a comprehensive marketing strategy for Made By Mary, aimed at accelerating their growth and market reach. The strategy encompassed a multifaceted approach, combining Facebook ads, Google ads, Klaviyo email marketing, and custom Shopify design and development support. This holistic approach allowed Made By Mary to enhance their online presence and effectively scale their business in a competitive market.

The collaboration with GDWN commenced with the optimization of Made By Mary's Shopify platform. GDWN's custom design and development support tailored the e-commerce site to meet the brand's evolving needs. This not only ensured a visually appealing and user-friendly website but also set the stage for the implementation of advanced marketing techniques.

In tandem, GDWN harnessed the power of digital advertising through Facebook and Google ads. By creating strategic campaigns and effectively targeting their audience, Made By Mary witnessed a significant increase in brand visibility and engagement. These platforms allowed the brand to reach new customers while retargeting existing ones, driving conversions and sales. Klaviyo email marketing added another layer to the strategy, fostering customer retention and loyalty. Through personalized email flows and campaigns, Made By Mary built stronger relationships with their customers, resulting in increased customer lifetime value and repeat purchases. GDWN's comprehensive approach, addressing both the technical and marketing aspects, propelled Made By Mary's ability to scale and thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

"We need a customized shopping experience that allows customers to buy ready to ship items but also customize personalized pieces in a seamless experience."

Made By Mary recognized the need to enhance its online shopping experience for custom products and ready-to-ship items. To address this, GDWN created a custom Shopify solution that not only streamlined the process of ordering personalized and pre-made items but also significantly improved conversion rates and drove sales. This tailor-made e-commerce platform offers a user-friendly interface for customers to effortlessly customize their selections, whether it's personalized jewelry or readily available pieces, fostering a smoother and more efficient shopping journey.

GDWN's custom Shopify solution played a pivotal role in optimizing the customer experience. By providing intuitive design tools for custom products and ensuring quick access to ready-to-ship items, Made By Mary successfully caters to the diverse needs of its clientele. This strategic move has translated into improved conversion rates and increased sales, as customers now find it easier and more convenient to make their purchases. Made By Mary's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in their decision to collaborate with GDWN and develop a platform that both simplifies the shopping process and drives business growth.

"We're expanding our SKU count and need the site to accommodate a larger catalog that allows us to promote new products efficiently but not lose sales on existing products."

GDWN has been instrumental in assisting Made By Mary in the evolution of their Shopify site and enhancing the user experience (UX) through a series of continuous improvements. As Made By Mary's brand rapidly expanded, the need for a more comprehensive and flexible e-commerce platform became evident. Their aim to grow their SKU count while efficiently promoting new products without losing sales on existing items posed a unique challenge. GDWN responded by implementing a dynamic approach to adapt and scale their online store accordingly.

Our strategy revolved around optimizing the site structure to accommodate a larger catalog seamlessly. By refining product categorization, search functionalities, and filters, the site became more user-friendly, enabling customers to navigate through the expanded inventory effortlessly. This ensured that existing products remained easily discoverable, preventing a loss of sales, while new additions were prominently featured to promote them effectively.

Through ongoing collaboration and continuous improvements, we provided Made By Mary with the agility needed to evolve their Shopify site in step with their growing brand. The result is a highly adaptable e-commerce platform that not only caters to their expanding SKU count but also enhances the overall shopping experience for their customers, thereby driving sustained growth and success for the brand.

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