UCCU migrates to a custom website platform to improve customer experience and drive increased loan applications
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"The GDWN team was fantastic to work with. They helped us transform the site into what it is today. Together we really made the website something that our team can be proud of."
Brad Norton, VP Marketing UCCU

About the brand

Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) is a prominent financial institution dedicated to serving the financial needs of its members and the broader community in Utah. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1955, UCCU has consistently prioritized the financial well-being of its members. Offering a wide range of financial products and services, from savings and checking accounts to loans, credit cards, and mortgage solutions, UCCU remains committed to fostering financial empowerment and providing its members with the tools and resources they need to achieve their financial goals. As a member-owned, not-for-profit organization, UCCU places the utmost importance on community engagement and financial education, aiming to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the lives of its members.

About our work together

GDWN played a pivotal role in UCCU's remarkable transformation journey, helping the credit union transition from a cookie-cutter website template to a highly customized WordPress site. This endeavor was more than just a redesign; it was a complete brand revitalization, aimed at providing UCCU's members with a best-in-class online experience. GDWN's expertise in web design and development was instrumental in crafting a website that not only looked distinctive but also operated seamlessly, ensuring that UCCU's members could easily navigate and access information.

One of the standout features of the new website was the integration of dynamic rates, calculators, and lead forms. GDWN's technical proficiency enabled the creation of dynamic content that automatically updated to reflect the most current financial rates and information. The inclusion of calculators offered members an interactive and informative tool to help them make informed financial decisions. Moreover, the incorporation of lead forms provided a convenient means for potential borrowers to express their interest, streamlining the loan application process.

The impact of GDWN's work was twofold. First, the new website provided UCCU's members with an elevated digital experience, reinforcing the credit union's commitment to excellence. Second, the website's enhanced functionality contributed to operational excellence by reducing customer support inquiries and simplifying the loan application process. GDWN's partnership empowered UCCU to stand out in the highly competitive financial sector, offering a seamless and engaging digital platform that not only showcased the brand's uniqueness but also added significant value for its members.

"We need to migrate to a platform that is easier for us to mange and better for our customers."

GDWN played a pivotal role in UCCU's migration to a custom WordPress site, representing a transformative shift from a conventional web template to a highly specialized platform with enhanced functionality. This undertaking was a comprehensive overhaul of UCCU's digital presence, with a focus on boosting the credit union's brand within a fiercely competitive financial landscape. GDWN's proficiency in web design and development was instrumental in crafting a website that was not only more search engine friendly but also significantly easier to navigate, use, and update.

One of the standout features of this migration was the integration of dynamic rates, third-party integrations, and custom loan calculators. GDWN's technical acumen ensured that the website could display real-time financial rates, providing visitors with accurate and up-to-the-minute information. The inclusion of third-party integrations facilitated smoother interactions and transactions between UCCU and its members. Moreover, custom loan calculators empowered users to make informed decisions about their financial needs, simplifying complex calculations and offering a user-friendly tool to help them understand their options.

The end result was a more compelling online experience for UCCU's members and a significant boost to the credit union's brand in a highly competitive marketplace. GDWN's partnership enabled UCCU to position itself as a technologically advanced and member-focused institution, reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation. The custom WordPress site not only facilitated user engagement but also streamlined the management and updating of the website, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly digital experience for both UCCU and its valued members.

"We need consistency across our pages so that when our team creates new pages and updates the site it keeps it's consistency."

GDWN's strategic approach went beyond the initial website launch for UCCU; it included the implementation of a robust design system that revolutionized the way content was managed and updated. This design system introduced reusable content blocks and design templates, offering the UCCU team the capability to effortlessly maintain and update their website's content, even after its launch.

The introduction of reusable content blocks and design templates was a game-changer for UCCU. This innovative approach allowed the team to create and modify website content with efficiency and consistency. Content blocks, tailored to various types of information such as rates, news, or testimonials, became building blocks that could be flexibly arranged and customized as needed. This not only streamlined the content creation process but also maintained design consistency across the site.

The design system implemented by GDWN significantly enhanced UCCU's website management capabilities. It empowered the UCCU team to independently update and manage the site without the need for continuous external support. This newfound flexibility not only saved time and resources but also ensured that UCCU's digital presence remained dynamic and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape. GDWN's partnership resulted in an agile and efficient online platform, aligning with UCCU's commitment to providing the best-in-class experience for its members.

"We need an easy way to update rates for our staff so customers have the latest information."

By implementing site management tools that enabled real-time rate updates and seamless integration with external applications and member services, we enhanced the credit union's ability to provide its members with up-to-the-minute information and a comprehensive suite of financial services.

The introduction of real-time rate management tools represented a notable advancement for UCCU. GDWN's technical proficiency ensured that the website could continuously update financial rates, granting members access to the latest information. This real-time feature not only improved member trust but also promoted transparency and accuracy, essential qualities in the financial services sector.

Furthermore, GDWN's successful implementation of integrations with external applications and member services transformed UCCU's website into a comprehensive hub for financial solutions. By seamlessly connecting with various tools and services, UCCU's members gained access to a wide array of resources, all conveniently available from a single platform. This streamlined approach not only enhanced user experience but also increased the efficiency of member services, allowing UCCU to offer a holistic and modern banking experience. GDWN's collaboration with UCCU positioned the credit union as an innovative and member-focused financial institution, reflecting a commitment to delivering timely, convenient, and comprehensive financial solutions, which in turn bolstered member satisfaction and trust.

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