Salt by Sabrina see's an increase of online revenue by 86% with a 250% increase in conversions through paid ads
Increase in Email Attributed Revenue
Increase in Returning Customer Rate
Increase in AOV
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"The GDWN team has been amazing. From the very beginning when it was just an idea, they were there alongside me helping bring it all to life. They are so great to work with and I'm so grateful for all that they do for Salt by Sabrina."
Sabrina Gardner, Founder CEO

About the brand

Salt By Sabrina (Salt), is a brand known for its innovative and customizable drawer organizers designed to last a lifetime. Their products are designed to help customers organize their living spaces effectively and efficiently to help instill peace and restore household order through beautiful, functional and personal designs. The brand offers a unique solution by allowing customers to order custom-sized drawer organizers, tailored to their specific needs, directly from their website. Salt's commitment to quality and customization has made them a leader in the drawer organization industry.

About our work together

GDWN has played a pivotal role in the journey of Salt By Sabrina from the very conception of the idea to the realization of a successful brand. We assisted Salt in the early stages by helping them brainstorm, refine their concept, and strategize how to bring it to life. With our guidance, Salt was able to define their unique selling points, target audience, and overall vision for the brand. As a critical part of this process, we identified the need for a streamlined order flow that would enable customers to order custom-sized drawer organizers seamlessly.

To bring this vision to life, we leveraged our expertise in custom design and development to build a bespoke Shopify solution for Salt. This custom platform allows customers to input their specific requirements for drawer organizers, from dimensions to specifications, directly on the website. By integrating this feature into their e-commerce site, we eliminate the need for Salt to manually pass along information to their manufacturing and production teams, helping to reduce order times and streamline the entire experience. The impact of our contributions is profound.

With the streamlined order process in place and a cohesive brand identity established, Salt By Sabrina is seeing rapid growth through a strategic marketing strategy. Thanks to our expertise in digital marketing, email flows, and campaign management, as well as our effective use of Facebook and Google ads, Salt is quickly expanding its customer base. Furthermore, our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies enhance the user experience and increase conversions, contributing significantly to Salt By Sabrina's remarkable journey.

In just one year, Salt By Sabrina has evolved from a concept to a seven-figure brand, becoming a clear leader in the realm of custom drawer organizers. Our continuous support empowers Salt to grow and scale further, with ambitions to become the world's premier custom drawer organizer solution. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence in design, development, marketing, and customer experience, we play a key role in transforming Salt By Sabrina into an industry leader and a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration.

"We've tried the multiple agency approach but we need to consolidate and streamline our strategy and results. There are just too many silos."

Salt by Sabrina, in its quest to accelerate the launch of the company, embarked on a journey to find specialized agencies for various aspects of their business, such as web development, email marketing, and performance marketing. This approach, while it initially showed promise, soon revealed itself to be cost-prohibitive and lacking in the desired results. The brand discovered that the costs associated with hiring multiple specialized agencies were enormous, and the return on investment did not justify the increased spend. After a period of evaluation and consolidation, GDWN emerged as the sole agency that not only met but exceeded Salt by Sabrina's expectations.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and cost-effective approach, Salt by Sabrina made the strategic decision to transition to GDWN's Full-Service offer. We stepped in to take on an array of crucial responsibilities, encompassing web development, email marketing, and paid ads, all while providing comprehensive consulting and overarching marketing strategy. This transition marked a turning point for Salt by Sabrina, as it allowed them to streamline their operations, reduce costs significantly, and enhance the quality and effectiveness of their services.

By consolidating these critical functions under our capable guidance, Salt by Sabrina not only found a trusted partner but also benefited from a more cohesive and integrated approach to their digital marketing efforts. Our holistic strategy, designed to harmonize web development, email marketing, and advertising, has not only reduced costs but has also generated improved results. This partnership exemplifies the value of a comprehensive, full-service agency in achieving the brand's goals, with us serving as the driving force behind Salt by Sabrina's digital transformation and success.

"We need a way to allow customers to order custom organizers that are built to their exact specifications through Shopify...and send the order specs dynamically generated and sent to the factory automatically."

GDWN's expertise in custom software development played a pivotal role in transforming the way Salt operates and serves its customers. With a vision to provide customers with a seamless and customized experience, we embarked on creating a bespoke Shopify app for Salt. This innovative app allowed customers to place orders for custom drawer organizers that precisely matched their specifications and requirements. The app provided an intuitive and user-friendly interface where customers could input details such as dimensions, materials, configurations, and any specific design preferences they desired.

One of the most significant benefits of this custom Shopify app was its ability to streamline the entire order process. Once a customer finalized their custom order, the app automatically generated a dynamic build sheet that contained all the necessary information. This build sheet was then transmitted directly to Salt's factory, bypassing the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. The factory could use this build sheet to initiate production immediately, ensuring that the customer's order was in progress without delay.

The result of this streamlined process was remarkable efficiency. Salt no longer needed to intervene or manually transfer order details to the factory. The custom app we designed and developed ensured that orders were translated into production tasks seamlessly, allowing Salt to fulfill customer requests faster and with pinpoint precision. Once the custom drawer organizers were manufactured, they could be shipped directly to the customer's address, eliminating the need for additional handling and expediting the delivery process.

"Our product is unlike anything people have ever used. It's premium and unique unlike our competitors. How do we get people to try it?"

GDWN joined forces with Salt By Sabrina to reshape their marketing strategy, placing a strong emphasis on education, content creation, and a comprehensive approach to their sales funnel. Recognizing that Salt By Sabrina's products had a more extended buying process compared to typical direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, the strategy was designed to educate potential customers about the value, applications, and quality of their custom drawer organizers.

The key to the success of this strategy was the educational content and media produced by Salt by Sabrina and then incorporated into the strategy. This beautiful content played a critical role in guiding customers through the various stages of the sales funnel, helping them understand how Salt By Sabrina's custom organizers could effectively solve their organizational challenges and transform their living spaces.

The impact of this strategic shift on Salt By Sabrina's business was nothing short of remarkable. Average Order Value (AOV) and the returning customer rate both experienced substantial growth, with each metric increasing by over 50%. Moreover, GDWN's focus on email marketing, a crucial component of the educational and content-driven strategy, led to an astonishing increase in email-attributed revenue, which skyrocketed by more than 500%. Impressively, email marketing consistently contributed to approximately 50% of the total revenue, highlighting its efficiency in nurturing customer relationships and driving substantial sales.

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