Health Catalyst goes from startup to a publicly traded global leader in healthcare technology with the help of Goodwin
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"I very much had an agile process with Hewlett Packard but never so agile. This is the best and most agile process I’ve ever experienced. Count me in as a very satisfied client. With this type of capability and our combined backgrounds, I can only imagine what type of powerful tools we can develop together."
Paul Horstmeier, (former) Chief Operating Officer

About the brand

Health Catalyst is a prominent brand in the healthcare sector, recognized for its strong commitment to leveraging data for improving patient outcomes. The company is known for its innovative approach to healthcare, emphasizing efficiency and enhanced care delivery. Health Catalyst's brand is synonymous with a vision of data-driven healthcare, where evidence-based decisions play a pivotal role in patient care improvement. The company provides comprehensive solutions that enable healthcare institutions to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and enhance clinical performance. With a well-established reputation for reliability and expertise, Health Catalyst is a trusted partner for healthcare organizations looking to implement data-driven solutions.

About our work together

What began as a project to design and develop Health Catalyst's corporate website evolved into a comprehensive, full-service relationship that has contributed to their ongoing success for the past 12 years.

In the early stages, GDWN played a pivotal role in crafting the web presence of Health Catalyst. The corporate site, born of this partnership, not only provided an informative online presence but laid the foundation for what would become a dynamic and thriving digital ecosystem. As the healthcare industry's digital landscape evolved, so did the partnership between GDWN and Health Catalyst. The collaboration expanded beyond web design and development into the realms of marketing and SEO strategy. This shift in focus bore fruit, as Health Catalyst steadily ascended the ranks to secure the coveted #1 position for competitive keywords in the data warehousing space, effectively outpacing industry giants such as Oracle.

However, the partnership extended far beyond search engine dominance. GDWN's involvement went deeper, as they developed intricate applications aimed at streamlining client services. The custom applications created by GDWN not only improved Health Catalyst's operational efficiency but also solidified their reputation as innovators in the healthcare data sector.

GDWN's role in the partnership was not limited to development and marketing alone. They also offered on-demand website support, ensuring that Health Catalyst's digital presence remained reliable and robust as the company navigated its rapid growth trajectory. This ongoing commitment to their website strategy allowed Health Catalyst to focus on their core mission while GDWN managed the ongoing design and development needs.

The collaboration also involved crafting unique experiences for Health Catalyst's Healthcare Analytics Summit, a testament to GDWN's ability to design and execute memorable events in the digital realm. The partnership has been a constant through Health Catalyst's journey, from their early startup days to the milestone of becoming a publicly traded leader in the healthcare industry. GDWN's enduring commitment has helped shape Health Catalyst into the industry giant it is today, and the ongoing partnership continues to drive innovation and success in the healthcare data sector.

"We need to be able to scale out site and compete with larger household brands in the data warehousing space. How fast can you help us get there?"

GDWN's partnership with Health Catalyst yielded remarkable results by helping the company achieve multiple #1 rankings for highly competitive keywords in the healthcare data industry. This success story is a testament to the expertise and dedication of GDWN. At the outset, Health Catalyst's website was primarily a brochureware site, lacking the depth of content and visibility required to compete effectively in the digital landscape. GDWN took on the challenge of transforming the site into a content-rich platform that not only showcased Health Catalyst's authority but also attracted substantial organic traffic.

The journey began with a strategic SEO approach that involved in-depth keyword research, optimization of content, and infrastructure enhancements. GDWN meticulously identified the most relevant and highly competitive keywords in the healthcare data sector and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy to secure top rankings. Their efforts not only attracted more organic traffic but also positioned Health Catalyst as a credible source of information in the industry.

GDWN's expertise extended beyond SEO to the complete redesign of the website. They crafted a user-centric design that made it easy for visitors to explore the wealth of content. The new design not only preserved the user experience but also encouraged users to delve deeper into the extensive resources available. The combination of SEO excellence and user-friendly design allowed Health Catalyst to rise to the top, achieving multiple #1 rankings and solidifying its position as an authoritative figure in the healthcare data industry. This transformation not only improved the website but also propelled Health Catalyst to a prominent position in the competitive online landscape.

"We want to build a tool that we can give to organizations to help them understand the gaps in their organizations ability to improve their outcomes."

GDWN played a pivotal role in the development of a custom application that revolutionized healthcare organizations' ability to assess their readiness to drive positive outcomes. This application represented a remarkable achievement, featuring a complex algorithm with hundreds of thousands of potential variations. GDWN's expertise and dedication were instrumental in refining this algorithm to ensure an astonishing 99.9% accuracy, dependent on the user's inputs.

The application became an invaluable tool that greatly assisted the Health Catalyst sales teams in advancing their mission to enhance healthcare organizations' outcomes. By providing a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for organizations to identify gaps in their processes and operations, the application offered actionable steps for improvement. The tool's ability to provide precise and tailored insights allowed healthcare organizations to make informed decisions, leading to better patient care and improved outcomes.

The custom application's impact extended beyond mere assessment. It served as a cornerstone in Health Catalyst's efforts to drive positive change in the healthcare industry. GDWN's commitment to refining and implementing this complex tool helped healthcare organizations chart a course toward improved performance and enhanced patient care, making it an instrumental element of Health Catalyst's mission to drive outcomes and bridge the gaps in healthcare operations.

"We want to create a summit to help drive innovation in healthcare data and analytics."

GDWN played a pivotal role in the successful branding and launch of the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) for Health Catalyst. This collaborative effort encompassed a multifaceted approach that covered design, branding, and custom development. The team at GDWN leveraged their expertise to create a compelling visual identity that would not only capture the essence of HAS but also resonate with healthcare professionals, data enthusiasts, and industry leaders.

The design aspect of the project was crucial in conveying the spirit of HAS. GDWN carefully crafted a visual identity that reflected the core values and objectives of the summit. The design elements were meticulously chosen to convey innovation, knowledge sharing, and the intersection of healthcare and analytics. By implementing a cohesive and visually engaging design, GDWN ensured that HAS was positioned as a must-attend event, drawing in a diverse and influential audience.

Custom development played a significant role in the seamless execution of HAS. GDWN's technical prowess enabled them to create a robust online platform that not only supported event registration but also provided a user-friendly interface for attendees to navigate the summit's content. This custom development ensured that participants had a smooth and immersive experience, from registration to accessing valuable resources during and after the event. The success of GDWN's contributions in branding and custom development was apparent in the impactful launch of the Healthcare Analytics Summit, which quickly gained recognition as a premier event in the healthcare analytics sphere.

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