Wildbird sees 151% growth in revenue and a 58% increase in AOV in under a year
2yr Email attributed revenue growth
Increase in conversion value
YoY Increase in revenue
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"GDWN has been a great partner. They have been flexible to work with and have been up to the different challenges that we've given them. We really enjoy working with their team!"
Nate Gunn, Founder

About the brand

Wildbird specializes in baby carriers, swaddles, and clothing, offering a range of thoughtfully designed products for both infants and parents. With a focus on comfort, safety, and style, Wildbird has established itself as a trusted name in the world of baby essentials. Their baby carriers provide ergonomic support for parents while ensuring the snug and secure positioning of their little ones. Additionally, their swaddles and clothing collections feature not only high-quality materials but also fashionable and versatile designs, catering to both the practical and aesthetic needs of modern parents. Wildbird's commitment to quality and functionality has earned them a dedicated following of families who appreciate their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring a cozy, safe, and stylish experience for babies and their caregivers.

About our work together

GDWN played a pivotal role in assisting Wildbird's transformative journey into the realm of paid acquisition, effectively propelling the brand beyond its organic reach. As Wildbird sought to scale its business and reach a wider audience, GDWN developed and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy that harnessed the power of digital advertising, email and social media campaigns. This strategic shift not only expanded Wildbird's customer base but also ensured that their products reached a broader demographic, making them accessible to a larger audience.

Moreover, GDWN's contributions extended beyond paid acquisition, encompassing email strategy and custom Shopify design and development. They crafted tailored email campaigns that engaged customers and fostered brand loyalty, offering a personalized shopping experience that resonated with Wildbird's audience. In parallel, GDWN's expertise in Shopify design and development resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly online store. This not only improved the customer shopping experience but also facilitated the seamless addition of new products, contributing to Wildbird's expansion efforts.

The impact of GDWN's multifaceted support was evident in Wildbird's year-over-year growth and the successful expansion of their product line. By embracing paid acquisition, enhancing their email strategy, and optimizing their online store, Wildbird achieved a substantial increase in sales and customer reach. GDWN's collaboration allowed Wildbird to flourish as they continued to provide high-quality baby products while attracting a growing and diverse customer base, marking a significant chapter in the brand's success story.

"We have a thriving online community that drives 100% of our sales. Can you help us scale in a natural way that allows us to diversify our customer base?"

GDWN played a pivotal role in shaping Wildbird's marketing strategy, which encompassed Facebook and Instagram advertising, email campaigns, and website improvements. Their expertly crafted advertising campaigns on social media platforms substantially expanded Wildbird's online reach and customer engagement. Simultaneously, GDWN implemented a dynamic email strategy that fostered deeper connections with Wildbird's customer base, nurturing brand loyalty and driving conversions. They also optimized the website to ensure a user-friendly experience, which improved navigation and performance, leading to increased customer satisfaction and return visits.

The comprehensive approach undertaken by GDWN significantly boosted Wildbird's online presence, customer engagement, and overall growth. Their expertly executed social media advertising campaigns elevated brand visibility and drove conversions. The strategic email campaigns fostered stronger customer relationships, while the website enhancements improved user satisfaction. In partnership with GDWN, Wildbird effectively positioned itself as a trusted and sought-after brand in the competitive landscape of baby products.

"We need to help our customers better find the right type of sling for their needs."

GDWN helped Wildbird provide an enhanced shopping experience for its customers by creating a custom quiz tool within Shopify. This interactive quiz allowed customers to answer a series of questions, enabling them to discover the perfect product that met their specific needs. GDWN's expertise in web development and custom solutions was instrumental in designing and implementing this user-friendly and engaging tool.

The custom quiz tool had a transformative impact on Wildbird's customer engagement and conversion rates. By offering a personalized product recommendation process, it not only helped customers make informed purchasing decisions but also enhanced their overall shopping experience. This level of interactivity and customization not only boosted customer engagement but also significantly increased the conversion rates as customers were more likely to find and purchase the product that best suited their requirements.

The success of this custom quiz tool underscored GDWN's ability to go beyond traditional e-commerce solutions and deliver a highly tailored, interactive, and user-centric experience. By offering customers a more personalized and informed shopping journey, Wildbird saw a tangible improvement in customer engagement and conversion rates. The partnership with GDWN exemplified their commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the online shopping experience and ultimately drive business growth for their clients.

"We need to expand beyond baby carriers but need to do so strategically and naturally"

GDWN played a pivotal role in helping Wildbird expand its product offerings by introducing Wildbird Baby, an entirely new line of products designed for both moms and babies beyond their renowned baby carriers. This expansion marked a significant shift in Wildbird's brand identity and required a comprehensive rethink of their website experience. GDWN not only helped craft the brand identity for Wildbird Baby but also seamlessly integrated it as a child brand within the broader Wildbird ecosystem.

The introduction of Wildbird Baby was met with tremendous success, as customers embraced the expanded product range. GDWN's website strategy ensured that the transition was seamless, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience for visitors looking to explore the new Baby line. The result has been an incredibly well-received addition to the Wildbird brand, with customers expressing enthusiasm for the expanded offerings.

This strategic evolution of Wildbird's brand demonstrates GDWN's ability to drive growth and adapt to new market opportunities. Their partnership allowed Wildbird to diversify its product range, engage with a wider customer base, and continue to expand and evolve its offerings to meet the needs of moms and babies. The success of Wildbird Baby underscores the power of GDWN's expertise in brand expansion and website strategy, effectively supporting Wildbird's evolution into a holistic provider of all things baby.

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